Highlighting our employees who make a difference

This employee embodies the Genacross Mission and Values to the fullest extent and demonstrates exceptional organizational commitment. The individual motivates others to excel, leads by example, and strives to better those around him/her and the organization as a whole. The individual shares knowledge willingly and always can be seen helping and supporting fellow co-workers through teamwork. In every way, the employee is professional and ethical.

Scott Slee has worked for Genacross Family & Youth Services for 14 years, most recently as a Direct Support Professional. He started his career at Genacross as a school aide working with the most difficult clientele. Scott has been a leader in his area of expertise: helping new staff develop skills to work with challenging youth. He transitioned to work in the Maumee Adult Program, where he was able to excel in teaching young adults vocational and social skills. Scott is a strong advocate for all individuals, including those we serve, co-workers and the agency. He is dedicated to building up others in order to strengthen our community.

Scott loves to tell stories about the years he has spent at the Maumee Youth Center, and he always is laughing with a smile on his face. He has stated many times, “I love my job!” It is rare to find a staff person with the passion, compassion, and drive to maintain such a positive attitude on a daily basis. His positivity is an asset to youth, young adults and team members in ensuring the success of our mission. He is a role model for others, not only with his positive attitude but his eagerness to try new activities and interventions with those we serve. Scott is also a model employee as he does not call off work and is always on time. We appreciate Scott as part of our Genacross family. 

Thank you, Scott, for your expertise, positivity and passion for the ministry of Genacross Lutheran Services.  Congratulations on being named the 2018 Employee of the year!

The servant leader is one whose first instinct is to serve others. This employee focuses primarily on the well-being of the residents and patients of the ministry for which he/she works. This individual always puts the needs of residents and patients first, and goes out of his or her way to ensure their comfort. Additional characteristics of this individual may include valuing diverse opinions, facilitating a culture of trust, acting with humility, and carrying out daily work in a selfless manner.

Lindsey Lotz has worked for three years as a Dietary Cook at the Genacross Lutheran Services-Napoleon Campus. Lindsey walks into our residents’ home day after day with a smile on her face, ready to take on the challenge of making each resident’s needs and choices a priority. She will sit down with a resident who is not satisfied with what the meal choices are for the day and make sure they have the meal they desire. She knows each of the resident’s likes and dislikes without even skipping a beat, while making the main dish of the day. Lindsey has been known to come in before her shift starts to sit and talk with residents to make sure their preferences are met. She also embraces new employees with open arms. When the Dietary Manager lets Lindsey know that new staff is coming on board during her shift, Lindsey organizes a binder for that new employee with anything and everything they may need to know about the kitchen. Lindsey is our Servant Leader of choice.

Ken Ivy has worked at Kettle Run senior apartment community in Bucyrus, Ohio, for over 13 years and is much more than a maintenance man. Ken is a team player who assists in any way possible – always with a positive attitude – even on his days off. The residents are very fond of Ken, and he shows great compassion for them. He will be a listening ear for residents in their times of need. He goes out of his way to help the residents of Kettle Run and always keeps a positive outlook when dealing with difficult situations. Ken also offers his co-workers positive reinforcement to keep morale up and to get duties accomplished. Ken is just an overall pleasure to work with.

Congratulations, Lindsey and Ken for being recognized as Genacross Lutheran Services’ 2018 Servant Leaders.

This employee (non-chaplaincy) personifies the Genacross Value of Faithfulness to Christ: “As part of the Church, we perform our work in response to Jesus Christ and as an extension of His ministry.” It is evident in his or her everyday work, through compassionate interactions with residents, patients, family members, and others. Faith leads this individual’s daily actions, and he or she is a witness for Christ’s mercy, grace and love. Compassion and caring are clearly visible and inherent traits of this individual.

Vicki Ropp has been with the Genacross Lutheran Services-Wolf Creek Campus for 11 years, starting as an Activity Aide and working up to Activity Coordinator. Vicki is extremely caring and compassionate, and this can be seen through her interactions with the residents and other staff. She is quick to help any resident who needs it and always has a smile on her face. She is constantly helping residents and other staff members. She takes the time to get to know all of her residents, as well as family members, and she is able to have meaningful conversations with them.

Vicki’s passion for her work is truly evident when you watch her run an activity. She is peppy, bright and always trying to encourage the residents to have as much fun as they can. As a member of St. Joan of Arc, she has helped to build bridges and connections with this church. She has also helped involve other churches for various activities that benefit the residents and enhance their spiritual lives. Vicki displays her faithfulness to Christ in her daily actions. She displays a positive attitude and goes above and beyond to ensure residents’ needs are met.

Congratulations, Vicki for being recognized as the 2018 Minister to Others.

These Genacross Lutheran Services employee recognition awards are presented annually at the organization’s Staff Appreciation & Recognition event. Past winners include:

Employee of the Year: Brenda Banks, Genacross Lutheran Services-Wolf Creek Campus
Servant Leader: Rachel Buchhop, Genacross Family & Youth Services
Minister to Others: Renee Adams, Genacross Housing & Community Services

Employee of the Year: Brittany Boyd, Genacross Adult Day Center
Servant Leader: Jason Beyer, Genacross Family & Youth Services
Minister to Others: Amanda Karamol, Genacross Lutheran Services-Wolf Creek Campus