Highlighting our employees who make a difference

This employee embodies the Genacross Mission and Values to the fullest extent and demonstrates exceptional organizational commitment. The individual motivates others to excel, leads by example, and strives to better those around him/her and the organization as a whole. The individual shares knowledge willingly and always can be seen helping and supporting fellow co-workers through teamwork. In every way, the employee is professional and ethical.

Brenda Banks has been a dedicated STNA at the Genacross Lutheran Services-Wolf Creek Campus for 17 years. Brenda gives such great care to the residents. She learns their likes and dislikes to ensure that they are always happy. She goes above and beyond for her residents and spends quality time with them.

Brenda also facilitates great teamwork with her co-workers. She displays a positive attitude on a daily basis, and everyone knows they can rely on Brenda to carry out her daily tasks. She is an outstanding training mentor for new employees, and she leads by example. She shows others how to be caring and knowledgeable STNAs. Her dedication and leadership shines through in everything she does on the campus.

Thank you, Brenda Banks, for your compassion, hard work, and dedication to the ministry of Genacross Lutheran Services.  Congratulations on being named the 2017 Employee of the year!

The servant leader is one whose first instinct is to serve others. This employee focuses primarily on the well-being of the residents and patients of the ministry for which he/she works. This individual always puts the needs of residents and patients first, and goes out of his or her way to ensure their comfort. Additional characteristics of this individual may include valuing diverse opinions, facilitating a culture of trust, acting with humility, and carrying out daily work in a selfless manner.

Rachel Buchhop has worked for Genacross Family & Youth Services for seven years and has been an outstanding employee from the beginning. She began her career with Family & Youth Services at the Maumee Youth Center working with some of the most difficult youth. She demonstrated care and compassion with these youth, while leading other team members to ensure they were meeting the needs of each client. Rachel is very organized, professional, and dedicated to our mission and vision. Currently, she runs two Family & Youth homes, one for adults and one for youth with developmental disabilities.

Rachel works tirelessly to train and motivate her staff to add programming, challenge the residents to engage in community activities, and work together as a team. Her committed, hard-working, hands-on attitude and philosophy is clear in her work ethic and team approach to problem solving. She takes the time to facilitate many family visits and interactions for the residents she supervises to ensure this important piece of their treatment is at the forefront.

Rachel was an easy choice as she stands out as someone who always has a smile on her face, goes above and beyond the call of duty, will help others anytime, meets deadlines, follows protocol, and is open to trying new things to ensure the ministry is meeting its high-quality standards.

Congratulations, Rachel Buchhop for being recognized as Genacross Lutheran Services’ Servant Leader in 2017.

This employee (non-chaplaincy) personifies the Genacross Value of Faithfulness to Christ: “As part of the Church, we perform our work in response to Jesus Christ and as an extension of His ministry.” It is evident in his or her everyday work, through compassionate interactions with residents, patients, family members, and others. Faith leads this individual’s daily actions, and he or she is a witness for Christ’s mercy, grace and love. Compassion and caring are clearly visible and inherent traits of this individual.

Renee Adams has worked for Genacross Housing & Community Services for 12 years as the Manager of Kettle Run senior community in Bucyrus, Ohio.  As soon as you enter the manager’s office you will be uplifted. Not only by the spiritual Christian music playing on the radio, but from the smile on her face and the warm, welcoming greeting you get as soon as you walk in.

“Although I have only been blessed with working alongside Renee for five years, I have often sat in the office next door admiring how she is so patient and willing to lend an ear to each and every resident who stops in to visit.” shared the Service Coordinator at Kettle Run. “The conversation can be anywhere from 5 to 50 minutes, but never once has she ever cut anyone short or seemed disengaged in the conversation.”

If a resident is in need, he or she will find an answer. If there is a birthday, it will be recognized. If it is a holiday, it will be celebrated. If there is a prayer needed, she is praying. Renee has no qualms about showing or sharing her faith at any time. She is a true inspiration to our ministry at Genacross Lutheran Services.

Congratulations, Renee Adams for being recognized as the 2017 Minister to Others.

These Genacross Lutheran Services employee recognition awards are presented annually at the organization’s Staff Appreciation & Recognition event. Past winners include:

Employee of the Year: Brittany Boyd, Genacross Adult Day Center
Servant Leader: Jason Beyer, Genacross Family & Youth Services
Minister to Others: Amanda Karamol, Genacross Lutheran Services-Wolf Creek Campus