Employee Spotlight

Highlighting Our Employees Who Make a Difference

Genacross celebrates employees who give of themselves each day to enrich the lives of our residents, patients, clients and colleagues. These award winners serve with compassion and empathy, and they exemplify our values.

It’s evident they see their work as a calling. While they don’t seek recognition, we want to show them how important they are to the Genacross family.


These employees embody the Genacross Mission and Values to the fullest extent and demonstrate exceptional organizational commitment. They motivate others to excel, lead by example, and strive to better those around them and the organization as a whole. These individuals share knowledge willingly and always can be seen helping and supporting fellow co-workers through teamwork. In every way, these employees are professional and ethical.

This year, the award goes to two individuals:

Regina Garcia

Regina Garcia, a Registered Nurse with Genacross at Home, has been with our home health agency for over one year. Regina helps the Genacross at Home team achieve excellent energy daily through her great personality. She is always willing to help any Genacross team member out, has a collaborative mindset, remains professional with team members and patients, and is hardworking. She has faced several unfavorable work situations with a positive attitude, and she keeps the best interests of her patients in mind at all times. Regina’s empathy for everyone shines through in her daily work.

Terry Jackson

Terry Jackson, Team Leader at the Maumee Youth Center (MYC) for Genacross Family & Youth Services, has a calm and compassionate approach to any youth he engages. Terry treats the youth served like his own and works hard to help them meet their goals and improve in the daily functioning areas of their lives. He participates in meetings with professionals involved with the case planning for the youth and, in doing so, shares both their progress and areas of continued need that we will focus on. In addition to being our strongest, most consistent and supportive staff member, he also does a great deal for his co-workers. He mentors most of the new staff hired for the Maumee Youth Center and picks up a multitude of shifts. Everyone knows they can count on Terry at a moment’s notice and our ministry is better because of him.

Thank you, Regina and Terry, for your dedication, professionalism and compassion. Congratulations on being named the 2022 Employees of the Year!


The servant leader is one whose first instinct is to serve others. This employee focuses primarily on the well-being of the residents and patients of the ministry for which he/she works. This individual always puts the needs of residents and patients first, and goes out of his or her way to ensure their comfort. Additional characteristics of this individual may include valuing diverse opinions, facilitating a culture of trust, acting with humility, and carrying out daily work in a selfless manner.

Tim Lyons

Tim Lyons, a Maintenance Technician at the Napoleon Campus, is dedicated to serving not only the residents, but also their families and his co-workers. Tim spends five days a week taking several residents to appointments, including dialysis on Saturdays. In addition, he will drop what he is doing to help a co-worker with a task and is always willing to assist where he can. When given a task to complete, you know that you can trust Tim to complete it. He has a great love and rapport with each resident he serves, is always in a good mood, and is willing to offer a listening ear to someone in need.

Congratulations, Tim, for being recognized as the 2022 Servant Leader.


This employee (non-chaplaincy) personifies the Genacross Value of Faithfulness to Christ: “As part of the Church, we perform our work in response to Jesus Christ and as an extension of His ministry.” It is evident in his or her everyday work, through compassionate interactions with residents, patients, family members, and others. Faith leads this individual’s daily actions, and he or she is a witness for Christ’s mercy, grace and love. Compassion and caring are clearly visible and inherent traits of this individual.

Rebecca Newell

Rebecca Newell, a State Tested Nursing Assistant, has worked at the Napoleon Campus for almost 17 years. Rebecca cares deeply about the residents and ensures they are safe and well taken care of each day. She goes above and beyond in all of her work. She does whatever it takes to get her job done and puts the residents’ needs first. In addition, she not only works her scheduled hours per week, but also often picks up shifts. Rebecca shares compassion and love with all residents and has shown commitment to her residents and families over the many years she has been working at the campus.

Congratulations, Rebecca, for being recognized as the 2022 Minister to Others.

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