About Us

YOU + Belonging

We care for people throughout all stages of life’s journey, serving many generations, and we are thoughtful in the ways we engage with people of different ages, backgrounds and faiths. Our services for seniors include affordable housing, assisted living, nursing care, complex medical care, memory care services and more. But our most important offering to senior adults is respect for their dignity and worth as human beings. We also serve young people and their families by providing group homes; family counseling; individualized behavioral health care; and other programs that foster hope, healing and growth.

YOU + Hope

We don’t see challenges as obstacles that block our path. Rather, they are hurdles to overcome. It is this underlying attitude of optimism, our sense of compassion and our ability to embrace change that have allowed Genacross Lutheran Services to grow in wonderful and unexpected ways — and to continuously expand our vision of what it means to serve. It’s also why we’re hopeful about the future for every person whose life we touch.

YOU + Readiness

More than 160 years have taught us a lot about what it means to be well in mind, body and spirit. We serve as a reservoir of vital services that support people through difficult times and provide a variety of health care and living options for senior adults. With the depth and breadth of services offered, we stand ready to make a difference in the lives of those we serve … including you.

YOU + Innovation

We know that what has worked for previous generations may not be the best solution for those we serve now or in the future. As our society has changed, so have the needs of youth, families and senior adults. Genacross Lutheran Services actively embraces new ideas and new technologies that enable us to meet your changing needs and to deliver innovative services and improved outcomes wherever our help is needed.

YOU + Motivation

Since our founding in 1860, we have been inspired and motivated by the call to serve those in need. We seek to meet people where they are in life, with acceptance and openness, always looking for the best way not only to meet needs but also to exceed expectations.

Our beliefs are demonstrated in the daily actions of every member of our team as we work to help communities, families and individuals find answers to complex problems and seize opportunities to change lives for the better.

YOU + Faithfulness

Genacross Lutheran Services today serves thousands of individuals of all ages — children, families and senior adults — throughout northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan. Our growth has not happened by accident. It is the result of the unwavering commitment of generations who came before us and the continued dedication of each and every member of our team. As faithful stewards, we are improving lives today and working to ensure that our services will be here for generations to come.


A Foundation of Dedication


Inspired by the Christian faith, we embrace individuals and families with compassionate care and services throughout life’s journey.


Through our faith and work, we strive to be a forward-thinking, compassionate organization that improves the lives of current and future generations.


Faithfulness to Christ: As part of the Church, we perform our work in response to Jesus Christ and as an extension of His ministry.

Equality and Justice: We recognize the equality of all persons in our offering of services and the opportunity for services, advocating justice and seeking to develop and balance all resources at our disposal to serve vulnerable persons with more intense needs.

Wholeness of Life: We recognize and value the life and inherent worth of each person, helping individuals experience dignity and the fullest level of his or her physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and vocational ability.

Integrity: We value and demonstrate honesty, integrity, fairness and trustworthiness in all of our relationships.

Quality of Service: We seek to deliver services of the highest quality possible by demonstrating competence, continuous improvement, innovation and creativity.

Stewardship of Resources: We exercise faithful stewardship of our financial resources and physical assets, and we are responsible and accountable for their proper deployment in the work of our ministry.


Genacross Lutheran Services has earned the following accreditations that confirm our ongoing commitment to quality service and ethical conduct and reflect our Mission and Core Values:

Better Business Bureau
The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is America’s oldest and largest agency dedicated to the pursuit of honesty and integrity in the marketplace. BBB certification attests to the trustworthiness and ethical conduct in governance and fundraising processes of member organizations. Genacross became a BBB Accredited Charity in January 2012 through the BBB of Northwest and West Central Ohio and Southeast Michigan.

CARF International
CARF International is an independent, nonprofit accreditor of health and human service providers that focuses on advancing the quality of services to facilitate the best possible outcomes. Genacross Family & Youth Services is CARF accredited for Residential Treatment, Outpatient Mental Health Treatment, Day Treatment and Case Management/Services Coordination for children and adolescents. In addition, the ministry has CARF accreditation for Case Management/Services Coordination and Outpatient Mental Health Treatment for adults.

OANO Standards for Excellence
The Ohio Association of Nonprofit Organizations (OANO) is the only statewide membership association that reflects the full diversity of the nonprofit sector in Ohio. OANO is committed to bolstering public confidence in and support for the nonprofit sector through its Standards for Excellence certification. Genacross has achieved this distinction since 2003.


Genacross Lutheran Services is honored to be affiliated with the following organizations that support our mission and ministry:

Lutheran Services in America

Genacross Lutheran Services is a member of Lutheran Services in America (LSA), one of the largest health and human services networks in the United States with over $22 billion in annual revenue. LSA represents over 300 Lutheran social ministry organizations and works to connect and empower its member organizations, which serve 6 million people (1 in 50) in the U.S. each year. LSA envisions a network of connected, strong and thriving Lutheran social ministries that transform the lives of people and communities.

Locally, Genacross Lutheran Services is a member of Lutheran Services in America – Ohio (LSA Ohio).

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Genacross is affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). The ELCA is a church that shares a living, daring confidence in God’s grace. This faith comes through the good news of Jesus Christ and gives members the freedom and the courage to wonder, discover and boldly participate in what God is up to in the world. The ELCA has more than 8,900 worshiping communities across the United States and the Caribbean region, and over 3.3 million members.

The ELCA is comprised of 65 regional synods. Genacross has ministry sites within the Northwestern Ohio Synod and the Southeast Michigan Synod. [Local connection is important.]

The Lutheran Church — Missouri Synod

Genacross is recognized by The Lutheran Church — Missouri Synod (LCMS) as a social ministry organization. The LCMS, headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, is mission-oriented and Bible-based. LCMS doctrine reflects the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther and the reformers, summarized in three phrases: Grace alone, Faith alone and Scripture alone. Today, the LCMS has nearly 2 million baptized members in more than 6,000 congregations and some 9,000 pastors.

The LCMS is made up of 35 districts. Genacross has ministry sites in the Ohio District and the Michigan District. [Local connections are important.]


Genacross is a member of LeadingAge, an association whose mission is to be the trusted voice for aging. LeadingAge represents more than 5,000 nonprofit aging services providers and other mission-minded organizations that touch millions of lives every day. LeadingAge is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization focused on education, advocacy and applied research.

LeadingAge Ohio

Genacross is a member of LeadingAge Ohio, a nonprofit trade association that is an affiliate of the national organization. LeadingAge Ohio represents approximately 400 long-term care organizations and hospices, as well as those providing ancillary health care and housing services, in more than 150 Ohio towns and cities. The continuum of care reflected by the member organizations serve an estimated 400,000 elderly Ohioans annually.

2022 Board of Directors

  • Michael Bogdan
  • The Rev. Richard Habrecht
  • The Rev. Keith Hunsinger, Chair
  • Natalie Jackson
  • Kathy Martin
  • Kevin Rahe
  • The Rev. Logan Scheiwe
  • Paul Sieben
  • Mark Snyder
  • Daniel Wakeman
  • Lynn Warren, Secretary
  • The Rev. Mark Wentz
  • Lee Wunschel, Vice Chair


Casey Amonette
Executive Director, Genacross Lutheran Services-Napoleon Campus

Jeff Barror
Director of Operations

The Rev. Dr. James Dumke
Vice President for Mission Integration

Michael A. George, CFRE
Executive Director, Genacross Lutheran Services Foundation

Martin Jan
Executive Director, Genacross Lutheran Services-Wolf Creek Campus

W. Richard Marshall
President and Chief Executive Officer

Lorinda Schalk
Senior Vice President of Finance & Operations

Amanda Schroeder
Vice President of Home & Community Based Services

Jeff Schulte
Vice President for Human Resources Organizational Integrity Officer

Katie Zawisza
Executive Director, Genacross Family & Youth Services

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