Alternative learning environments

Genacross Family & Youth Services offers two alternative learning environments for students with severe emotional and behavioral needs. These programs are a partnership between Genacross Lutheran Services and both Oregon City Schools and Liberty Center Schools. We serve students living in our group home settings as well as local youth residing in the community.

Our school programs have the ability to customize services to meet each student’s individual needs, according to his or her individual education plan (IEP). We have highly trained and skilled staff and teachers who have educational experience teaching the Ohio Learning Standards and can also provide a balance of behavioral interventions.

Clinical Services: Day Treatment and Partial Hospitalization

Day Treatment/Partial Hospitalization is an additional clinical service offered to clients attending one of our educational settings or summer programs. Service is available Monday through Friday and provides intense, structured, goal-oriented treatment that addresses the individualized needs of our clients.

Treatment includes therapy groups, individual counseling, and psychoeducational groups on a daily basis. Topics addressed include teamwork, self-esteem, social skills, communication, emotions management, coping skills, self-discovery, problem solving, and character development.

Clients may also receive medication education from our on-site registered nurses. Additionally, they may receive pharmacological management from a contracted psychiatrist on a monthly basis.

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