We're Generation Innovative

We know that what has worked for previous generations may not be the best solution for those we serve now or in the future. As our society has changed, so have the needs of youth, families, and senior adults.
Genacross Lutheran Services actively embraces new ideas and new technologies that enable us to meet those changing needs and to deliver innovative services and improved outcomes wherever our help is needed.

“Gina” was discharged from a local hospital several months ago and needed IV therapy treatments in her home. Prior to returning home, she requested that Genacross at Home provide the support she would need. On the day of discharge, a Genacross at Home nurse met Gina at her home, along with the infusion company, to begin her IV therapy treatments. Her treatments progressed well, she was ready for discharge within a 60-day period, and she was starting to get back to her normal activities of life. Less than two months after Gina was discharged from Genacross at Home services, she had an episode in her home late one night and ended up going to the emergency room. Genacross at Home was immediately notified through a partnership and technology that identifies when previous patients are admitted to this particular emergency room. Genacross at Home staff was able to meet with Gina the next day and start home health services to help her transition safely back to her home.

In February 2018, “Lydia” became Genacross Family & Youth Services’ first client through the Bridges program, which provides services to young adults who have aged out of foster care in Ohio. She was enrolled at the University of Toledo when she was approved for services. Throughout her time in Bridges, the Genacross liaison has helped Lydia learn to budget and comparison shop. Genacross also has helped pay her rent and utilities and bought her textbooks and a laptop. Just a few days prior to her 21st birthday, Governor DeWine extended the Bridges program, and Lydia was granted four extra months of case management and financial help from Family & Youth Services. Then in December 2020, legislation (H.R.7947 Supporting Foster Children and Families through the Pandemic) was passed by the federal government, extending Bridges for those who had aged out of the program. Lydia was able to re-enroll into Bridges again in February, becoming the first client to re-enroll under the act. Lydia graduated from the University of Toledo in May with her bachelor’s degree in social work. Her Bridges liaison is working with her to find employment in the same field that has helped her most of her life. Lydia has been inspired by people such as the liaisons from Genacross who helped her for the past three years or so, and she is determined to help others in a similar manner.