We're Generation Innovative

We know that what has worked for previous generations may not be the best solution for those we serve now or in the future. As our society has changed, so have the needs of youth, families, and senior adults.
Genacross Lutheran Services actively embraces new ideas and new technologies that enable us to meet those changing needs and to deliver innovative services and improved outcomes wherever our help is needed.

While visiting friends in the Sandusky area, “Don” was involved in a terrible accident that resulted in two surgeries and a three-week hospital stay. Don’s family was unable to be by his side during this life-changing experience, so he was totally dependent on strangers in a town where he was only supposed to be for a weekend. Don was transferred to the Genacross Lutheran Services-Sandusky Campus after improving enough to be discharged from the hospital. He worked very hard in therapy and followed his physician’s orders, but he had some rough days. On one of those difficult days, his STNA went to assist him and noticed that he was really sad. She discovered that Don was very disappointed that his family was unable to fly to Ohio to see him.

The STNA proceeded to tell him about a free app that enables video calls. Don called his family and explained to them about the app, so they could download it. The STNA then helped him download the app and connect with the facility’s Wi-Fi. Don and his family chatted later that night and every day following. He would carry his phone with him so his family could meet the staff and see the facility. After two months, Don was discharged, but he returned to the area with his family a few weeks ago. When they stopped in to visit, it was as if they had known the staff for years. Don’s family was so grateful that people cared enough about him to mention the app because it had kept the family connected and lifted his spirits.

The Genacross Lutheran Services-Toledo Campus is excited to offer the Lee Silverman Voice Treatments (LSVT LOUD® and LSVT BIG®), which are innovative approaches for treating Parkinson’s disease and other neurological conditions. In essence, the concept is amplification of movement or speech to achieve results. The type of results that can be achieved are evident in the case of “Walter,” a resident of the Toledo Campus. He participated in the LSVT BIG program in May and June of 2016. At the beginning of the program, Walter and the physical therapist set goals for improving his balance, decreasing the time it took to complete his morning self-care tasks, walking at a faster pace, and making his handwriting larger and, therefore, more legible.

Throughout the four-day-a-week program, Walter was taught strategies and exercises for dressing, performed handwriting drills, and was taught to “walk BIG!” As a result, he was able to get out of a chair 76% faster, walk for 10 feet 36% faster, and get dressed 54% faster than when he began the program. In addition, his handwriting size increased by 50%. As an added benefit to moving more and “BIG,” Walter experienced improvement with his chronic low back pain. Today, he is walking with no device and has been able to return to swinging his golf clubs — an activity he had really missed. He also recently began the LSVT LOUD speech therapy program.