Giving options designed to meet your needs and goals

There are many ways to join Genacross Lutheran Services in our ministry of service. The options outlined on this page are designed to help you meet your charitable goals as well as structure your donation in a way that best suits your personal situation.

For more information about any of these options, please contact us at 419.861.4965 or use our contact form.

  • Restricted Gifts

    Restricted gifts are those designated for the benefit of a specific ministry or service. Donations made to Genacross Lutheran Services are directed in full to the ministry — or ministries — you choose. All overhead costs associated with fundraising are covered by the Genacross Lutheran Services Foundation so that no part of your gift is used for administrative services.

    Gifts can be made to any Genacross ministry. In addition, you may stipulate that your gift be used for a specific purpose. For example, you may make a gift to the Genacross Lutheran Services-Wolf Creek Campus and also earmark it “to be used for the residents’ social hour.”

  • Unrestricted Funds

    Unrestricted gifts are those that are made to the General Fund or “where most needed.” These gifts can be used for items and programs as needed by the ministries of Genacross Lutheran Services. Dollars are disbursed from this fund with the approval of the Genacross Board of Directors.

  • Special Purpose Funds

    Donors may choose to give to one or more Genacross Special Purpose Funds. These funds provide financial support for specific programs or needs as designated by the donor. Following are the Special Funds currently maintained by Genacross:

    Mission Integration Fund

    Gifts to this fund support the areas of community support, Foundation fundraising and development, marketing and public relations, spiritual care and chaplaincy in the promotion of the organization’s Mission, Vision and Core Values.

    Resident Assistance Fund

    This fund supports low-income Genacross housing residents and community-based clients who have special, immediate financial needs. These needs include assistance with uninsured major medical expenses, food, or other basic necessities such as rent and utility bills.

    Resident Scholarship Fund

    This fund helps to support the continuing education needs of residents who want to attend workshops, seminars, or other formal courses onsite or at local organizations, community colleges, or universities. Residents who are interested in such funding should contact the Foundation office.

    Staff Benevolence Fund

    This fund assists Genacross Lutheran Services staff and immediate family members to cover some of the unexpected financial needs associated with emergencies such as loss from sudden catastrophic events including fire, flood or other natural disaster, or the accidental or sudden death of an immediate family member.

    Genacross Lutheran Services Foundation supports many special funds. For a full list, contact the Foundation office at 419.861.4965.

  • Endowment Funds

    Donors may choose to designate that their gift be added to a special purpose endowment fund. Currently, the following endowment funds are available for donor-designated contributions:

    Carl W. Klein Jr. Scholarship Fund

    This fund was established by John and Gretchen Grigsby to honor Mrs. Grigsby’s late father, Carl W. Klein Jr.  Its purpose is to provide financial assistance to employees who wish to develop their job-related knowledge and skills through an accredited institution. Gifts to this fund help further Genacross’ goal to retain a highly trained staff and to enhance its employees’ potential for promotion within the organization.

    Youth Assistance Endowment

    This endowment was established through a challenge gift from two anonymous donors. The gifts to this fund are matched dollar-for-dollar until $30,000 has been reached and maintained in the fund. The purpose of this fund is to help youth remain in Family & Youth Services care when expenses and/or shortfalls of payments threaten their removal from care.

    Findlay Youth Tutoring Endowment

    This fund was established with a gift from Jim and Celia Findlay. Gifts to this fund provide essential support to youth involved in the Family & Youth Services ministry program who have special learning needs. Assistance includes one-on-one tutoring, as well as necessary special learning equipment and materials for their ongoing progress.

    R.A. & F.D. Stranahan Endowment for Youth

    In 1990, The Stranahan Foundation provided a $1 million gift paid over five years at $200,000 per year. The endowment was originally gifted with the primary objective of funding capital needs of the Family & Youth ministry.

    Staff Benevolence Fund

    A Staff Benevolence Fund Endowment has been established through a generous donation from Dave and Pam Roberts that provides additional annual funding for the Staff Benevolence Fund. Distributions from the endowment are made available to the Staff Benevolence Fund totaling 5% of the endowment fund’s fair-market value at the end of the calendar year. Undistributed funds for the calendar year will be maintained as part of the corpus of the endowment fund.

    Bunge Scholarship Endowment

    This fund provides scholarships to Family & Youth resident youth who are high school seniors and desire to pursue higher education. This scholarship was named for Arnold F. Bunge Sr., who lived in the Lutheran Orphans’ Home from 1901-19 and later became an attorney.

    Youngbauer Family & Youth Operating Endowment

    This fund helps to underwrite current operational expenses for the Family & Youth Services ministry. It also supports four annual scholarships to high school students preparing for social service careers (social work, education, ministry, medicine, etc.). Through an agreement with the donor family, the annual awards are presented to students at four specific high schools, which are located in areas where the Genacross Lutheran Services ministry has a presence. The schools where scholarships are awarded include: Anthony Wayne, Clay, and Liberty Center high schools and Cardinal Stritch Catholic High School & Academy.

    Genacross Foundation representatives present these scholarships and an engraved memento to students during spring award assemblies. The fund was named for Lawrence and Adele Youngbauer. When she was a child, Adele Laramie lived in the Lutheran Orphans’ Home for a time. As an adult, she and her husband, Lawrence, bequeathed funds to the Foundation in 1992 in appreciation for the loving care she received.

    For more information about any of these endowment funds, please call us at 419.861.4965 or use our contact form.

  • Planned Giving

    One of the easiest ways to help Genacross Lutheran Services is through a gift in your will or estate plan*. By doing so, you become a member of our Johannes Doerfler Society. This group of donors is named after the organization’s founder, whose vision of helping others and doing God’s work has lived on for over 160 years.

    Genacross gives away over $5 million each year for those who cannot afford the cost of care, and we have never turned out anyone due to the inability to pay. By making a provision in your will, you can join others in making sure that Rev. Doerfler’s vision continues to meet the needs of today’s – and tomorrow’s – residents and care recipients.

    Leaving a legacy is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

    1. Name Genacross Lutheran Services Foundation as recipient of a bequest in your will.

    Bequests can be a flat dollar amount, or a percentage of your estate. They can be designated for the ministry or program of your choice, or they can be undesignated for Genacross to use where most needed. The Foundation staff can review the available funds with you at any time. The following information will must be included with your bequest:

    • Legal name of the organization: LHS Foundation, Inc. dba Genacross Lutheran Services Foundation, Inc.
    • Organization address: 2021 N. McCord Rd, Toledo, OH 43615
    • Tax ID number of the organization: 34-1678593

    2. Let the Foundation know you have made a provision in your will.

    Fill out our Legacy Reply Form, and the Foundation will list you as a member of the Johannes Doerfler Society. You will also be invited to special informational sessions to learn about what Genacross is doing to help those in need. Want to remain anonymous? Not a problem, just let us know and your name will not be published.

    3. Rest better knowing your philanthropic wishes will be honored.

    The job of the Foundation’s staff is to ensure donor intent is honored in perpetuity. We will monitor your gift funds to be sure they are used for your specified purpose.

    *Please consult an attorney or financial advisor to be sure this program fits your needs.

    For more information about making a planned gift to Genacross Lutheran Services, please call us at 419.861.4964 or use our contact form.