Discover how your gifts make a difference in the lives we touch

Genacross Lutheran Services provides care and desperately needed services to people of all ages. Often, we are called upon to help in urgent situations for people who do not have the means to provide for themselves. A variety of special funds help us meet these needs.

We invite you to read the stories below to learn about specific ways your gifts are making a difference in the lives of those we serve.

  • Providing charitable care for those in need

    In 2020, Genacross Lutheran Services provided $5.6 million in charitable care and community benefits. Charitable care is defined as the difference between our rates for services and the rates paid by third-party insurers, private pay, and governmental agencies, including Medicaid and Medicare. Through charitable care, Genacross subsidizes the cost of uncompensated resident and care recipients’ services. Through community benefits, Genacross provides free or discounted care to the uninsured, underinsured, low-income, and indigent care recipients.

    On average, 53 percent of skilled nursing beds in Genacross residential communities are occupied by Medicaid recipients. At current rates, reimbursements are approximately $72 per day, per resident less than what it actually cost us to provide care.

    While it is the goal of the Genacross Lutheran Services Foundation to cover the substantial cost of charitable care, we are not there yet. To assist with charitable care, some donors choose to designate their donations to the Genacross Charitable Care Annual Fund. This fund has been established for the sole purpose of covering the costs of charitable care.

    In 2017, donors gave $63,201 toward charitable care, up from $14,739 in 2016. At the beginning of each calendar year, the total donations held in this fund are equally divided among the main Genacross Lutheran Services ministries — Family & Youth Services, Genacross at Home, Housing & Community Services, the Napoleon Campus, and the Wolf Creek Campus.

    If you would like to donate to the Genacross Charitable Care Annual Fund, please contact the Genacross Lutheran Services Foundation at 419.861.4965.

  • Supporting the Genacross Family & Youth program through special endowments

    The Foundation manages designated endowments established by individuals for Family & Youth program needs. Each year, a percentage of the annual endowment earnings is made available for use. In 2019, $551,323 from five endowments was available for Family & Youth operational and capital needs. These distributions are used for services such as educational and living expenses for individuals who continue to receive services beyond the state-mandated age limit; tutoring costs for individuals needing extra assistance; and capital expenditure needs for the facilities.

    In addition, the Foundation dedicates its annual Christmas Appeal for Family & Youth Services to pay for gifts for each resident. Artwork for the Appeal is created by Family & Youth residents. Their talents are not only displayed on the front of the Appeal card but also on Thanksgiving cards sent to donors. Each year, generous donors help to ensure that each resident receives gifts to help them enjoy the Christmas season. In 2019, $3,100 was donated to purchase gifts for the residents.

    If you would like to donate to the Christmas Appeal for Family & Youth Services, please contact the Genacross Lutheran Services Foundation at 419.861.4965.

  • Providing financial assistance to staff in times of tragedy

    In 2004, a staff member lost her son in a tragic automobile accident. Her son was a single dad with two children and few financial resources. Wondering what they could do to help their co-worker and friend, Genacross staff members donated funds for funeral costs. The staff person who received these funds said, “I guess I never knew the kind of people I work with until this unfortunate tragedy hit our family. Thank you. This gift helped us to pay for funeral expenses we did not have the money for.”

    Following that initial need, the Foundation established a Staff Benevolence Special Fund. This fund provides financial assistance to staff to assist in covering the costs of immediate financial needs following an unforeseen emergency, including fire, flood, tornado or other natural disaster, serious medical emergencies requiring hospitalization, accidental or sudden death, or victimization through a crime or act of war or terrorism.

    Since that original tragic loss in 2004, the Staff Benevolence Fund has been able to provide assistance for other staff members through financial grants. These grants are funded through contributions given specifically to this fund and through an endowment established by David and Pam Roberts. To date, $21,538 has been given to employees who have experienced catastrophic losses.

    Staff members who have received this assistance have said:

    It is with great appreciation that I express my thanks to you after our family’s loss. The support and help shown to us have been overwhelming. I would like to thank all who give so that employees like me can have the help when they need it. Thank you for your act of kindness. I wish I could repay what you have done for me and my family.”

    “Our home was lost in a fire. Everything was gone: our family pictures, the kids’ toys, clothes, keepsakes, and all the rest. We had nothing, and you helped us put together the pieces that helped us put our life back in order.”

    If you would like to donate to the Staff Benevolence Fund, please contact the Genacross Lutheran Services Foundation at 419.861.4965.

  • Meeting the urgent needs of residents and clients

    The Resident Assistance Special Fund is made up of donations designated specifically to help pay the expenses for immediate needs of Genacross housing residents and community service clients who cannot afford to pay the expenses within the time allowed for payment. One example included a mother who was being transitioned out of a long-term care facility and wanted to reunite with her two minor sons. Dollars from the Resident Assistance Fund enabled them to live as a family.

    To obtain custody of the children, the mother had to have a livable, safe home that addressed the needs of the two boys. The Residence Assistance Fund helped supply some of the needed items, such as bunk beds.

    In addition, community service clients’ emergency needs have included things like a new phone to enable Lifeline services to begin for an in-home hospice individual who could not afford the phone. If Genacross Service Coordinators notice there is very little food in a home, this fund will cover the cost of the food purchased by the service coordinator. Other immediate needs are covered as well.

    There are times when a new resident of a housing facility does not have the financial means to pay for the apartment’s security deposit until their social security check arrives. Or, sometimes a housing resident has applied for Medicaid and related benefits but has not received the card in time to pay for urgently needed medication.

    If you are interested in donating to the Resident Assistance Special Fund, contact the Genacross Lutheran Services Foundation at 419.861.4965.