Inspired by the Christian faith, we embrace individuals and families with compassionate care and services throughout life’s journey.


Through our faith and work, we strive to be a forward-thinking, compassionate organization that improves the lives of current and future generations.


Faithfulness to Christ: As part of the Church, we perform our work in response to Jesus Christ and as an extension of His ministry.

Equality and Justice: We recognize the equality of all persons in our offering of services and the opportunity for services, advocating justice and seeking to develop and balance all resources at our disposal to serve vulnerable persons with more intense needs.

Wholeness of Life: We recognize and value the life and inherent worth of each person, helping individuals experience dignity and the fullest level of his or her physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and vocational ability.

Integrity: We value and demonstrate honesty, integrity, fairness, and trustworthiness in all of our relationships.

Quality of Service: We seek to deliver services of the highest quality possible by demonstrating competence, continuous improvement, innovation, and creativity.

Stewardship of Resources: We exercise faithful stewardship of our financial resources and physical assets, and we are responsible and accountable for their proper deployment in the work of our ministry.


The care we provide to those we serve goes beyond just meeting their physical and emotional needs. As a faith-based ministry, we are also committed to caring for spiritual needs. And while we are rooted in the Lutheran tradition, we serve people of all faiths and backgrounds.

Our three care communities feature chapels for worship and staff chaplains who are available 24 hours a day. Chaplains are on hand to provide for the emotional and spiritual needs of our residents/patients and their loved ones. At our other communities, local pastors form an integral part of our spiritual care team, providing Bible studies, serving communion, and celebrating holidays with residents. In addition, many local church members volunteer to lead Bible studies.

In our Family & Youth services program, we encourage participants to attend church regularly and develop a spiritual foundation. Conversations about faith and God are welcome between staff and residents of all ages, according to the needs of the individual.